Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Sixteen......

Our last day for this part of our trip and we decided to backtrack a little (around 60k each way) to Emerald for a bit of sight seeing and to give Pepper a bath and restock on groceries at an affordable price.  We went to Coles in Emerald and discovered that it had just reopened after a complete refit due to the 2011 floods.   There was a line about a meter above floor level which was the depth of the water through the shop and when one has a look around the town you quickly realise just how much water must have gone through here.

When we got back to Sapphire we were a little tired so decided on a restful afternoon. 

Took Pep for a afternoon walk and took these photos of some Guineafowl which wake us up in the morning. 

 Their call sound distinctly like someone jumping up and down on an innerspring matress. I kid you not.

An Aphostle Bird