Friday, July 22, 2011

Day Nine.......... Midgee

Midgee campsite
Midgee has proven to be quite a nice Caravan Park even if the water pressure is just above a trickle.   It is about 10k out of Rockhampton on the main road inbound with the rail on the other side of the highway. 

We get several coal trains heading to the Callied Basin to pick up coal to take to the port in Gladstone.  They are massive around 100 carriages and 3 or 4 engines.

Today our plan was to do a day trip to Agnes Waters and the town of 1770 to meet up with a couple of our friends who have been caretaking a caravan park while the owners are on holiday.  The park is quite nice and the area is lovely.  The beaches are great and becon a morning and evening stroll.  Here is a pic of Agnes Waters.

Agnes Waters

The town of 1770 got its name from the fact that Captain Cook made a stop there for provisions and repairs in that year and just looking at the way the still water in the river mouth is protected by the sandbars from the ocean, it's not difficult to see why.

The mouth of the river

Looking out to thr ocean

The trip was perhaps a little adventurous as the round trip was about 500klms so a lot of time was spent in the car but the scenery was good and we now know that it would be worth another visit in the future.